środa, 29 marca 2017

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What makes LGBTQ parents different from heteronormative parents? We have to fight for our families in ways that others don't. We don't have the privilege that most straight parents have, so we have to push against societal norms to identify as we choose, and oftentimes gender roles and mother/father roles have to be challenged. Being parents most often comes at a higher cost for LGBTQ people, whether that's the financial costs associated with surrogacy or adoption, or the financial/emotional toll that is usually accompanied by divorce and/or staying in a mixed-orientation marriage. Despite having come a long way with civil rights in most developed countries, queer parents can still face much discrimination both in the greater social sphere and in the court system. Our rights as parents and our efforts as parents are still being challenged by those who see us as less than. So to all of you in the LGBTQ community who are either fighting for your families every day or are fighting to make your dreams of having a family a reality, we applaud you. Continue to stand tall, speak out, and be proud of who you are. Hope your Tuesday is a great one!
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