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Most of you are well aware that there's a lot at stake for the LGBTQ community in this nation right now. Across the country, many states have introduced anti-LGBTQ legislation—hundred of bills that restrict the rights of LGBTQ individuals and families. ---------------------------------------------------------- I often receive messages from people who want to help and take action, but aren't sure how. I know how powerless many of you feel right now in this current political climate but we must not give up and we must work together to speak out against injustice. ---------------------------------------------------------- Below are a few ideas, most of which I got from the Human Rights Campaign—so I can't take all the credit! 😊 ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. BE VISIBLE: Show your support for equality and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, such as putting pro-equality stickers on your car, changing your social media profile photo, and sharing articles with friends and family about what's at stake for the LGBT movement. ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. TAKE A STAND: Vow to fight discriminatory bills in 2017 by signing HRC’s No Hate In My State pledge at HRC.org, where you can see what anti-LGBTQ bills are being introduced. ---------------------------------------------------------- 3. CONTACT YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: Text MY CONGRESS to 306-44 to find your members of Congress, so you can call them directly whenever LGBTQ equality is in danger. ---------------------------------------------------------- 4. VOLUNTEER: Many organizations need volunteers, or can direct you to where and how you can help locally. ---------------------------------------------------------- 5. START THE CONVERSATION: It's important to speak out and have conversations with friends and loved ones about why it's important to stand up for the LGBTQ community. ---------------------------------------------------------- 6. VOTE IN LOCAL AND STATE ELECTIONS: It is beyond important for those of us who can legally vote to vote for government officials who support equality and will fight for what's right. 🏳️‍🌈
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