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#Repost @nytimes: Growing up, Jeffrey Bugajski and Tarik Flannagan knew they wanted something not often shown as part of gay life in popular culture: They wanted to be #fathers. They may soon officially get their wish. For more than a year, they’ve been foster parents to Avery, who’s now 16 months old. And if all goes well, they’ll soon be adopting her. Avery arrived at their home last year when she was 3 weeks old and not yet named. She was introduced to them as “Baby Girl.” The 2 men quickly took to parenting, and the extra cooking, cleaning and caring that came with it. “What it comes down to is making sure that we put our needs second and her needs first,” Jeffrey told @nytimes. And that part has been easy. “One day we had her, and then everything changed, and then every day has gotten better,” he said. “It’s been incredible,” Tarik added. “Fatherhood is not for everybody, gay or straight. But for those that are doing it or want to do it, it will change your life.” @william.glaser, a summer photo intern at @nytimes, photographed Tarik, left, and Jeffrey with Avery in Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem. #fathersday
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