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Wieści z Instagramu: Gays With Kids, Cheyenne Jackson, Chris Landon, Anderson Cooper, KaDo ...

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Shucks guys, you all are so great. We love being part of a community with you. We never expected so many people to connect with our story the way you have.  When we first started our instagram we were just looking for a safe space outside of our Facebook profiles to share aspects of our lives without backlash from people who struggle to understand us. Along the way we've found a community of LGBTQ parents, allies, and aspiring parents who have been such a huge support to us. We regularly receive countless messages from people who are grateful for and inspired by what we're sharing. Our lives are hectic at times and we wish we could respond to everyone but please know that your support is what motivates us to keep doing what were doing. It has always been our intent to spread positivity, humor, and offer a perspective that helps others. Sure, the occasional free sunglasses or socks from those who appreciate our influence are nice, but those perks pale in comparison to what we gain by sharing something that gives us deeper meaning and purpose.
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