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With kids that travel well and share our love of Disney and LA, we're feeling like we've won the lottery. Here's some highlights from our trip (in no particular order): 1. Getting to meet @frncissdominc and doing ALL the Disney 2. Becoming bffs with @reneemytar while waiting for the boys' favorite ride, splash mountain 3. The woman who we saw multiple times around California Adventure that sang along to "Love is an Open Door" with the youngest every time we crossed paths (@thecooperhowell, we blame you for getting it stuck in his head) 4. Getting to hang with some of our LA faves @happyhealthyjoe and @dlm_silva. Thanks for being such gracious hosts 5. Getting to tour the #youtubespacela with @estebanorlandovega 6. Getting to see some great friends, both old and new (@jordbish, @dq_fotography, and @uniquelymale included) The trip wasn't nearly long enough, but we look forward to our next visit and getting to catch all the rest of you :) We're currently stuck in traffic on the way home to celebrate Devons #dirty30. See you soon SLC! Photo cred @dq_fotography
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