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I'm hearing rumors from several well-placed sources that Trump's next executive action will target LGBTQ people and legalize various forms of discrimination against us. According to many reports, this Executive Order will attack same-sex marriage and adoption by LGBTQ couples, permit federal employees to discriminate against and refuse services to LGBTQ people in a variety of programs and benefits, allow taxpayer money to discriminate against LGBTQ people in social services, eliminate federal non-discrimination protections, and allow federal employees to be fired on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. . Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ Americans have reported experiencing discrimination, and this number will likely go up if the White House supports discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. . Organizations like HRC, ACLU, Lambda Legal, and GLAAD are all preparing to speak out against any anti-LGBTQ executive actions by Trump and his administration. NOW is the time for us to start organizing, preparing, and using our voices, as these actions take shape quickly. Call or write your elected officials and remind them that LGBTQ equality is a top priority for you. Connect with local LGBTQ organizations and friends to discuss opportunities to unify and show support for the community in the coming days. Let's send a powerful message before any harmful executive actions can be made. . If you're interested in fighting anti-LGBTQ discrimination, comment below and tag any friends. I will keep you updated on developments and opportunities to advocate in the near future. We are a strong, resilient community. We will overcome this.
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