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I am trans. I am proud. I am visible, and I will remain so. A few years ago I was pretty miserable. I didn't understand why I felt so uncomfortable, so lost. With significant introspection and time and self care, I have found a lot more of myself. And I am so grateful. — Please remember that these pictures are only snapshots of my life. They are in no way descriptive of my journey -- they are not before and after; they are during and during. I am a work in progress. And no matter the presentation of myself, I have always been me. And I will continue being me no matter what. — Left: September 2013, Right: June 2017 — Re: the past couple days-- I have seen so many wonderful posts, support, and love from the community and allies which is unbelievably comforting. There might be evil in the Oval Office, but the world is still filled with so many good people. Don't forget that, my friends. — #transgender #transition #ftm #trans #TransIsBeautiful #testosterone #t #hrt #tpoc #qpoc #transformation
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