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My @kaptenandson watch just got to me, a little late for Pride month as intended. But it prompted me to say that I think we need to be proud every single day, to keep reminding people that we are different, we have always been here and we will not go away. We live in scary times. It's hard to maintain the level of outrage with so many outrageous things happening daily, hourly, and the fight can seem exhausting. The other day a wise woman posited that 'persist' is as important, if not more, than 'resist' as a mantra. All I know is that now is not the time to hide queerness or race or cultural or religious diversity. It is the time to be more visible, to show we are not cowed and will not assimilate to the will of this vile Trumpian zeitgeist. Show your true colours and come out of the shadows (unless you're taking an arty selfie)!
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