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“We must always remember the man behind the legend—the man who was neither genius nor saint, the man who was not our movement's first martyr.” – Cleve Jones, Nov. 27, 1979 [TW] . Picture: Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 – November 27, 1978), 1975. Photo by Tom Eure, c/o @sfpubliclibrary. . Early in his brief tenure as San Francisco’s first openly gay elected official (and the first non-incumbent openly gay man to take public office in the U.S.), City Supervisor Harvey Milk—who proved adept at building coalitions among constituents and fellow Supervisors—sided with Supervisor Dan White, an unlikely ally with a working-class constituency, against the placement of a mental health facility in White’s district. After learning more about the issue and facing political pressure, however, Milk switched his vote, ensuring a loss for White. From then on, White voted against Milk at every turn, a move that isolated White more than it harmed Milk’s ability to gather votes. . On November 10, 1978, ten months into his term, White abruptly resigned, only to seek reinstatement from Mayor George Moscone days later. While the political turmoil gripped the city for a few days, it soon was overshadowed by the mass suicide of hundreds of members of the San Francisco-based Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. . In the meantime, at the urging of a number of Supervisors, including Milk, Moscone chose to replace White, a move he planned to announce on November 27. . On Monday, November 27, 1978, thirty-nine years ago today, thirty minutes before Moscone’s press conference, Dan White avoided City Hall security by climbing through a window, went to Moscone's office, and shot him four times, including twice in the head. He quickly crossed the hall, reloading as he went, entered Milk’s office, and shot Milk five times, including twice in the head. . “As President of the Board of Supervisors,” Dianne Feinstein announced to the press hours later, “it is my duty to inform you that both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed, and the suspect is Supervisor Dan White.” . Harvey Milk was forty-eight; Moscone was forty-nine. #HavePrideIn
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