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This morning I woke up extremely sad, for the first time since I came out I truly felt scared to be a minority. My fear and sadness quickly dissipated after spending the morning with my beautiful family, I am very lucky. I've been spoiled to be a gay man in the Obama administration. Marriage equality, the repeal of "Don't ask, Don't tell", 250 LGBTQ appointments to full-time and advisory positions in the federal government; the list goes on and on. We've made progress in the sports world and have more LGBTQ athletes now more than ever. That being said there is an obvious lack of empathy towards all minorities in our country. We seem to choose policy and self interest rather than equality and human decency. Regardless of your politics we should all choose to shape an America where we treat each other with love and respect regardless of your religion, skin color, gender or sexual preference. I have never been more motivated to create a culture where the KKK feels like it doesn't have a voice, where Muslim men and women aren't scared, where all of our LGBTQ youth feel like they are supported by their government and where young girls know that anything is possible. We the people have the power and it is our duty to protect each other from whatever hate we will encounter over our lifetime. This election is not a surprise to me but a reminder how far we have to go.
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The last couple of days have been hard to wrap my head around, that this is in fact America, always has been. Hard to wrap my head around the fear people are feeling, the heartache they feel, the sense of unknown and uncertainty. Hard to understand why and how this nation chose division and hatred instead of unity but we did and we have to understand why. Understand one another, and be open hearted and open minded. I will never stand for some of the horrible things the President Elect has said and done and no one ever should. I will work in my public and private life to heal wounds, create understanding, and ultimately try to help us come together, because until we can empathize with one another and understand a better world means a world for everyone, every race, gender, religion, orientation etc, we will continue to have hatred rule our beautiful country. Don't give in to fear, not even for one damn second. Stand tall be smart be open hearted be brave be compassionate and fight like hell. Be the kind of person you want America to be.
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