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Sorry I haven't posted anything the last week or so. I've been really upset about the results of our Presidential election and the aftermath of it. It blows my mind that we've somehow voted into office a president who, has never had any political experience and who, during his campaign, mocked a man with a physical disability, made openly racist remarks, was in a video that surfaced talking about sexually assaulting women and who refuses to release his tax returns. Now, since his upsetting win, he's appointed Stephen Bannon, a known white supremacist, as his chief strategist. The streets are becoming littered with swastikas and other similar graffiti. And the worst part of all of it, is that it seems like there's no solution. Even if Trump somehow does get impeached, our Vice President, Mike Pence, is even worse. For one, he believes in gay conversion therapy, a theory that a gay person can be tortured with electric shocks and converted into being straight. It's disgusting. Since the election Trump has also stated that he will force muslims to register into a known database. This is the same thing that was required of Jews in Nazi Germany. I am fearful for our country. I am fearful for my LGBTQ family and for all the other minority groups in the US. I was hesitant about posting this but I think it's important that we speak up for how we feel and what we believe in. I want you to know, even if you don't feel it right now, that you are not alone. You are loved. You are important. I am with you and I am #stillwithher.
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