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Our Relationship Q&A vid is live on our channel! 🎥 Someone in our original post when we asked you for your questions mentioned that relationships are like a rollercoaster, and we couldn't agree more. 🎢 So we've incorporated the twists, turns, ups and downs of modern love into our responses to your questions. Click the link in the bio to watch it now! ▶️ . We had so many questions we'll probably have to do a Relationship Q&A Part II at some point. 👬 In the meantime, here's some non-expert DADvice we've learned from previous relationships as well as the few years we've been together: . ☎️ Make communication a definite priority. 🌱 Be willing to grow together. You and the person you started dating will change over time, but allow each other to grow on your own terms. Don't dictate your partner's changes. 😒👸 Jealousy happens. Accept that it has a place in relationships but don't give it too much power. 👨‍❤️‍👨 Make time to regularly connect physically and emotionally. 🙆 Focus on being a whole person whether you're in a relationship or not so that you can be/find a better partner. 💼 You've each got baggage. Own your issues and do what you can to work through them. Be compassionate with your partner's issues. 🔑 Trust is a key element in any relationship, and both partners play a part in establishing it. Do your part to break down barriers of trust and find ways that work for both of you to keep healthy boundaries. 📝 Comment below with some relationship advice of your own! . 📷 @thatmayagirlphotography
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